Bye the way scenic

Bye-The-Way Caravan Rentals is a small personalised business venture. Not only do we provide rental caravans to our customers, we provide our customers with a personalised camping experience without the associated capital expenditure, cost and risks associated with owning a caravan.

My wife (Gerida) and I (Pieter) have been part-time travellers for a good part of our lives and we have seen the most of South Africa and many other African countries. 

With age comes “do you remember”? With “do you remember” comes memories. Camping memories. Traveling memories. Memories money can’t buy.

We want to share our traveling experiences and memories with our customers and discuss various topics such as planning, packing lists, first aid, and other experiences.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a way of living where they can, with the least amount of effort, experience caravan camping. To achieve this, we provide fully kitted and furnished caravans and camping equipment. The only thing to do is to pack is your clothes, food and a good sense of adventure.

“Sometimes you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere … with your caravan – and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you will find yourself.”

As camping fires turns into ashes, so does the hunger for material fulfilment. Memories are all that is left behind. The more travel and camping memories we gather, the more firewood we will have for those “do you remember” days.

Pieter & Gerida