The caravan is equipped with a two-plate gas cooker.

Follow the instructions below to ensure the safe operation of the gas cooker.

  • The cooker has two control knobs to control the gas flow and heat to the two cooker plates.

The markings and the meaning of each are as follow:

  • On the cooker is a marker against which you set the control.  The control knob has three indicators on it, the Off position, the Big flame position and the Small flame position.
  • When the Off position is set against the marker on the cooker gas flow to the gas burner is cut off.
  • With the Big Flame marker set against the marker position maximum gas flow to the burner and a large flame is obtained.
  • With the Small Flame marker set against the marker position minimum gas flow to the burner is allowed and only a small flame is burning.
  • To operate the cooker, make sure that both control knobs is set on the off position.  Gas flow to the burners is closed off.
  • Then check that the gas bottle in the nosecone of the caravan is connected to the gas pipe.
  • Open the control valve on the gas bottle.
  • Take the gas ignitor in your one hand and pull the trigger to ignite the flame and hold it against the burner.
  • With the other hand, puss the control knob in and turn (it won’t turn if not pushed in) anti clockwise to align the big flame with the marker.  Keep it in until the flame ignites and then release.
  • If this is the first time you use the gas cooker after a while or after the gas bottle has been replaced it might take a few seconds to ignite as the gas must fill the pipes first and push out all air.
  • You can now regulate the heat by regulating the size of the flame.  That is done by turning the knob between the large and small flame setting.
  • When you are finished cooking turn the knob to the Off position the extinguish the flame.


  • Should the flame at any time during operation extinguish, try to re-ignite by following the procedure above.
  • If that does not work, turn the control knob to the Off position and check whether the gas bottle has not run empty.
  • If the gas bottle is not empty, try to ignite again.  If not successful ask a knowledgeable person to assist in determining what the problem might be.
  • Never leave the cooker unattended during operation.
  • Be aware that it cooker will be hot after operation, allow enough time to cool down.
  • Never leave the control knobs in an open position without the flame ignited.
  • If you are not going to use the cooker for a while, close the valve on the gas bottle.